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Facebook was created in 2004 by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg and his dorm mates. The website’s original purpose was to facilitate communication amongst students, but as it grew in popularity, it began welcoming users from all around the globe. With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a vital part of our lives, facilitating communication between individuals and groups as diverse as friends, families, and corporations.

You can make money from Facebook, and there are different ways. Here are some ways to make money on Facebook, as well as a link to a free Facebook course that you can use to learn how to make money from Facebook monetization.

Well, so let us begin.

1: Instream ads

Instream ads are where we upload videos on Facebook that Facebook monetizes and places ads on them, enabling us to generate good income. However, we sometimes use copyrighted content to monetize and earn income.

2: Live instream ads

A live instream ad is an advertisement we watch during live videos. Streamers or gamers generate income through these ads when they broadcast games live, and the ads that play during their live streams contributes significantly to their income. It is a a substantial source of income for streamers, allowing them to generate considerable revenue.

3: Reels ads overlay

A reels ad overlay is an advertisement that Facebook displays during Reels, which may be a small and unobtrusive ad that goes unnoticed by viewers. However, people generate significant revenue from it. This feature is only available in the United States.

4: Reels bonus

The Reels Bonus was a significant update from Facebook, allowing creators to earn up to $35,000 in bonuses. However, the issue is that this offer is only available to creators in the United States and not for creators in other countries. The bonus was highly beneficial for US creators could earn up to $35,000 per month, and the offer would renew next month. Creators could refill this bonus and earn dollars from it.

5: Brandings

Branding on Facebook is one of the earning tools that we can use to generate income. We collaborate with brands and do branding on our pages, for which we charge a fee. Facebook pays us for this service, and it is a significant source of revenue for people who can generate a considerable amount of income from it.

6: Subscription

Facebook offers a tool called subscriptions, which allows our community to pay a monthly fee to access our content, which they enjoy watching. This feature can significantly increase our revenue and includes both groups and pages as earning sources.

7: instant article

Instant Articles is an earning tool provided by Facebook that allows creators to earn as much as possible. With this tool, creators write an article and monetize their page, after which they can publish monetized articles. Many people have benefited from this tool and have generated significant revenue. However, this feature was only available to more significant creators in the past, as smaller creators provided incorrect information to earn money. Therefore, Facebook has made this tool exclusive to larger pages, ensuring people remain safe from incorrect information.

8: By providing Different Services

We can generate passive income on Facebook by providing various services people can benefit from and pay for like freelancing services. We can offer these services on Facebook and earn money, creating a source of passive income or a small but steady income stream.

9: Followers & like Services

People provide various services on Facebook to generate passive income, and customers benefit from them by paying for them. One of the most popular services on Facebook is the followers and likes service, which many people purchase daily. This service can be highly profitable for the provider, leading to significant earnings. The service came in different types, including panel followers and boosted followers, also known as organic followers. Boosted followers are gained through advertising, and considered active followers, while panel followers are slightly more expensive.

10: Traffic services

The traffic service is also on Facebook, which makes many people unfined to become more. Most people do not know about this service because it is only purchased by those who want to earn from Facebook Instream ads. This service helps boost their videos, and they purchase the traffic service for this purpose. There are two types of traffic available in this service: page traffic and group traffic. Both types of traffic can be used to earn.

11: Page Watch Time Services

Facebook Watch Time is a service everyone purchases, and everyone needs it to earn from it. This service is essential because they must complete their Facebook watch time. Some pages have 600k minutes, while others have only 60k, which is challenging. That’s why people buy this service, and the service providers in this market benefit significantly by offering this service.

12: Video Sharing Service

Video sharing is an essential service in the Facebook market, and it plays a vital role in earning the maximum income from Facebook. Due to this service, people generate good monthly revenue, and to manage this work, people have formed teams. When they receive an order, they share the videos and make them viral. This service benefits both the video creators and the people sharing them, and this service is in high demand in the market.

13: Eligible Pages Buy & Sell Services

The buy-and-sell market for eligible Facebook pages is vast. Some people purchase eligible pages and apply them for monetization. Once the page is ready to earn money, the price of the page increases by 6 to 7 times. Eligible pages refer to those that have reached full watch time and follower requirements and completed all terms and conditions necessary for monetization. People buy such pages and apply for monetization before selling them to other buyers.

14: Approved Pages Buy and Sell Services

The buy-and-sell market for approved Facebook pages is a significant market where people purchase pages that Facebook has approved. These pages allow users to earn directly by posting videos. Although it requires less effort to earn through these pages, they are relatively more expensive than eligible pages. Due to their higher cost, most people still need to purchase them.

15: Rights manager

Facebook Rights Manager is a crucial tool on Facebook. We can use this tool to identify if someone from India has uploaded your videos on Facebook without permission. The Rights Manager alerts you about who has used your videos, allowing you to block them directly or inform them that the content belongs to you, and they have no right to use it.

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