How to Make Good Money on Threads app? (15+ Methods)

New platforms are constantly appearing because of the dynamic nature of the social media landscape. Instagram’s Threads app is one such system, offering novel opportunities for content creation, user engagement, and monetization.

Threads, an Instagram app developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), is creating a name for itself as a direct competitor to Twitter, having recently garnered 30 million users on the first day of its launch by Mark Zuckerberg (the first app to accomplish this record one-day growth). Threads is quickly becoming an alternative to Twitter.

This article will explore 20 proven methods for monetizing your Threads account, turning your social media presence into a successful business on this still-emerging site. Using these strategies, you may transform your social media activity into a lucrative business.

How does one go about making money with the Threads app? 15+ Techniques

Don’t waste time worrying about the app’s internal monetization options; instead, read on for various methods that can allow you to make handsome money on Threads without waiting for the feature to be included.

How to Make Money on Threads app? (15+ Methods)

Without wasting your time, read how you can monetize your Threads account without worrying about its internal monetization choices since there is no such option yet in the app. Still, I have several strategies to help you earn handsome money on Threads right now:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the strategy that works best on this new platform and is also the method that comes first. Affiliate marketing is the most effective way to make money on Threads, just as it is the method that ranks top for all other applications and websites.

You may build strategic alliances with companies and brands to promote the sale of their goods or services by using one-of-a-kind affiliate links, or you can join already operational platforms and replicate certain affiliate links. You may earn commissions for every transaction made via your shared links on the Threads app by composing compelling articles that emphasize the advantages of these goods and your affiliate items.

2. Sponsored Posts:

Because all your Instagram followers will gradually start following your Threads account, this strategy can be successful for an influencer account with a sizeable following on Instagram. This is because the Threads app immediately recognizes those who utilize it.

You can work with different businesses within your Threads account to produce sponsored posts for those brands. Modify the material to align with your audience’s interests, and gently include brand messages in your Thread postings. Your followers and the companies you work with will benefit from the content you create for sponsored posts, including product reviews to lifestyle endorsements.

3. Selling Merchandise:

Because it is a new platform, you should use your Threads account to sell your stuff while there is no other competition. Conceive and make one-of-a-kind things, such as apparel, accessories, or digital items, that resonate strongly with your audience or are similar to what you are currently selling to your fans and followers on Instagram and Tiktok.

Showcase your wares via exciting posts, and use the site’s capabilities, such as posting on Instagram stories, to increase purchases.

4. Consulting Services:

This might be an excellent strategy for many professionals, including physicians, fitness gurus, business coaches, etc. If you are knowledgeable in a specific area, consider providing consulting services to people or firms looking for help. Use your Threads account to demonstrate your expertise and build a reputation for yourself as a thought leader in your field. This will enable you to attract customers who can use your recommendations and recommendations.

5. Social Media Management:

This has become a common way to generate income on any social media site, and the best part is that it seems like something other than a typical 9 to 5 work. Because even high school students can manage accounts on Threads, you may consider becoming a Threads account manager to assist companies in establishing and maintaining a robust presence on the platform.

Provide services such as content development, community participation, growth plans, and scheduling (although the latter two are unavailable now). You may position yourself as a valued partner in amplifying your client’s online presence by creating individual posts and connecting with followers. Position yourself as a valuable partner in strengthening your client’s online presence.

6. Sponsored Hashtag Campaigns:

Twitter and a platform called Threads have made hashtags its primary method for publicly discussing topics. Inside your Threads account, you’ll have the ability to design and promote sponsored hashtag campaigns.

Engage with companies to build campaigns that are innovative and effective and that are in line with the marketing objectives of those brands. As your campaigns become popular, companies will get interested in collaborating with you, eventually leading to possibilities for you to make money from them.

7. Crowdfunding:

You can also use your Threads following to promote awareness and support for a crowdfunding campaign. You can still monetize this by asking followers to support you financially and raising awareness and support for the crowdfunding campaign. The visual attractiveness of the platform and the capability of presenting stories may be used by passionate artists, businesses, or charity organizations to encourage donations from your engaged audience, and you can help them do more.

8. Writing Sponsored Content:

Do you consider yourself a good writer? Already demonstrating this on Twitter, Medium, or your blog? If this is the case, you can monetize your profile on the Threads app by offering your writing abilities to generate sponsored blog posts or articles for various businesses. Use your Threads account to market the material, reaching a more extensive audience and attracting possible sponsors searching for high-quality written content and purchasing your narrative style.

9. Threads Account Creation:

Help occupied people or companies establish a Threads account and ensure it is correctly configured for their needs. Some still want to save a minute to develop a new statement on a new social media network, which could take at least five seconds. This might be something other than a sellable job.

10. Selling Shoutouts:

You may promote other users or companies on Threads by including shoutouts in your posts, which practically everyone and every company will adore. You may charge a fee for presenting someone else’s material to your engaged audience by emphasizing their profiles, goods, or services. This will give them enhanced visibility while giving you substantial additional revenue from your monetization efforts.

11. Creating and Selling Threads Templates:

Canva or any other free graphic design program may help you channel your inner creativity and build individualized templates for use with Threads. These may be profile pictures, graphics for posts, or pre-formatted text. This might be an obvious possibility for generating money on the Threads app if you package them as digital downloads or provide personalized designs to people or companies wishing to boost their Threads aesthetic.

12. Threads Analytics Consulting:

Consulting services based on your knowledge of Threads analytics (a feature soon available on the app) may be provided to commercial clients. Perform a detailed analysis of their performance indicators, share your thoughts, and suggest ideas for improving their presence on Threads.

Assist them in better understanding their target audience and making choices based on facts. Because Threads is an Instagram app wrapped inside the Twitter app, you can do it if you’re familiar with how Twitter and Instagram operate. So use your imagination in this situation.

13. Threads Advertising Campaigns:

Develop your skills as an expert in managing advertising campaigns on Threads (although advertising on Threads is not yet accessible). Build and manage advertising campaigns for companies, assisting them in reaching their intended audience, increasing the visibility their brand receives, and driving conversions.

Use the platform’s advertising tools and the alternatives for targeting specific audiences to execute successful campaigns.

14. Writing Blogs on Threads app:

You may discuss the most recent happenings about features and other topics linked to the Threads app if you create your blog mainly for the Threads app.

You may give your blog a different identity by posting about the Threads app, and you can monetize your blog in various ways, including via display advertisements, sponsored articles, affiliate marketing, and many other methods that are widely accessible on the Internet.

15. Threads Coaching or Training:

You may help others use your extensive knowledge and experience with Threads by giving coaching or training services. Develop online courses, lessons, or personalized coaching sessions to aid people or organizations in efficiently navigating Threads, growing their following, and maximizing interaction. These may be done through the Internet.

16. Creating and Selling Threads-Related eBooks or Guides:

These items move quickly off the shelves. Create and distribute digital books or guides centered on Threads’ marketing strategy, expansion, or development. Make available to the readers helpful insights, suggestions, and approaches that will enable them to use the platform successfully.

You may promote and sell these resources using your Threads account, and you should direct your efforts toward people or companies interested in optimizing their Threads presence.

17. Offering Live Coverage Services:

Attend important events or conferences relevant to your audience, and give live coverage of such events or conferences via your Threads account. Give them access to real-time information, material from behind the scenes, interviews, and insights. You should charge a fee for your extensive coverage to attract companies or event organizers trying to grow their audience.

18. Becoming a Threads Brand Ambassador:

You can work with businesses as a Threads brand ambassador for chosen brands if you are a public person, whether you are famous on social media, in the entertainment industry, in the music industry, in the sport of cricket, or in any other field. Showcase and promote their goods or services to the audience of your Threads.

You may earn pay or free products from the companies whose products you advance if you produce interesting and engaging material, share genuine experiences with your audience, and provide your followers something of value.

19. Selling Your Threads Account:

You don’t want to put forth the effort, do you? Consider selling your account if you have amassed a significant and active following on the Threads app.

Businesses or people interested in establishing a presence on the brand-new platform may be interested in purchasing an existing account with a loyal audience. If this is the case, you should sell them your account so that they may promote their products and services to a larger number of audience.

20. Creating and Selling Threads Analytics or Management Tools:

Who needs to get more excited about a free product or even a subscription-based one created just for a brand-new platform that is still expanding? Create software or other solutions tailored to Threads accounts’ management, analysis, or optimization, and then market such products.

Dashboards for analyzing data, content scheduling systems, and other growth monitoring tools fall under this category.

You may design and sell the scripts and saas products or provide these solutions to people or enterprises trying to simplify their Threads management.


I want you to take advantage of the lucrative prospects that Threads, a rival to Twitter, has for monetization because I want you to save money.

You can utilize your Threads account to produce cash and turn your social media presence into a successful business endeavor if you use these 20 innovative strategies. Choose the techniques from the abovementioned list of numerous ways to generate money on the Threads app that corresponds with your abilities, hobbies, and audience. Throughout your monetization journey on Threads, deliver value, authenticity, and professionalism to your audience.

Use the platform’s one-of-a-kind features, interact with your target demographic, and remain continually adaptable to shifting market conditions to maximize your earning potential.

Keep making free use of Threads indefinitely!

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